Outdoors Summer Workout Program

Jun, 15, 2016
Summer Workout Program

It’s finally summer. Is it someone else me that wants to bring their workouts outside, instead of going into a gym that is crowded with people? I do think so! I just love my summer workout routine, to exercise outside in the fresh air and have the sun shine on me. It feels so much easier in some kind of way. Something I love to do outside is running, it feels so much better when I have the fresh air around me. You can do so many things outside, you don’t need to pay an expensive gym membership and in some cases you don’t need any equipment.

You can do a lot with just your body weight and it will give you a great result. It doesn’t need to take long either, and if you are doing your workout outside, you might have a backyard or park close by so you don’t need any time to travel. That means that you have even more workout time. I will give you some inspiration about what you can do outside:

The Ultimate Summer Workout Program


This is something you can do wherever you are and whenever you want. You just have to put on your shoes and step outside the door and start to run. You can do it in several different ways, short distance, long distance, intervals, sprints, in stairs, uphill, downhill and more. It’s only your own creativity that stops you. You can also do it mixed together with body weight training, for example, you can run 5 kilometer and for every 5 or 10 minutes you can stop and do 10 burpees, 10 squats, 10 push-up, 10 dips and 10 sit-ups. If you don’t like running, I’m sure this will make it much more fun.

Jump rope

This is a great way to get some cardio done and it’s also very fun. If you haven’t tried it in a while you should do it for sure. Don’t you remember at the breaks or when you did sports in school? I do, and I remember it was so much fun. It is also a good total body workout that can burn a lot of calories at the same time as you’re toning your muscles.You can do a lot of different things with a jump rope, you can jump with both feet, one feet at a time, double unders and now, they’re also talking a lot about triple unders. Triple unders means that you should be able to skip the rope three times in one jump.


You don’t need any equipment to do a good workout outside. You can do a full body workout with just your body weight. Here are some exercises you can do:
 Air squats, lunges, squat jumps, pistol squat, side lunges, walking lunges, Pull-ups in a tree or something else that you can hang in, plank, mountain climber, triceps press against bench or burpees. This is just a few exercises that you can do with you body weight, I’m sure that you can come up with more.


How do you go back and forth to work? Do you take the car, the bus or do you walk? If you take the car or the bus, maybe you should consider if it would be possible to go with bicycle instead. If you can, you would get some daily exercise and I know that both you and your body would like it. But if you can’t bike to your work, maybe biking as an exercise is something for you. There’s a bunch of different bikes both road bikes, mountain bikes and so on. Spending on you like to bike in the mountains and terrain or just on the roads, you can choose the best fit for you.


AMRAP is a word they use in Crossfit which means “as many rounds/reps as possible”. This is something you can use if you don’t have so much time. For example you can do 10 minutes of: burpees, squats, push-ups or sit-ups. You could do just one of them or combined them, for example 10 of each. You can also do longer AMRAPs if you want to, 20 or 30 minutes containing different exercises.

This is just a few examples of what you can do outside. The most important thing is to do something, keep your body moving because that’s what we are supposed to do with our body. To keep the motivation and stay dedicated to train you need to find something you like. If you feel it’s hard to find the right workout summer routine, it’s a good to ask the coaches at BeYou for advise. I’m sure they can help you and motivate you!