4 Easy Tips to Start Running

Apr, 20, 2016
Tips to Start Running

Do you need some tips to start running? I will give you some advice to what you can think about before.

Running is one of the most easiest but also hardest workout you can do. It’s easy because you only need a pair of shoes and then walk outside, you don’t need any gym or gym equipment. But, if you’re not used to running, it will take a while before you get use to it.

Running has a high impact on your joints and knees, so it’s important that you start slow so your body gets used to run before you push yourself to hard.

This is my top four tips to start running:

1. What is your goal?
First, ask yourself: what is your goal? Long distance or short distance? You should both think about what you like to do most, but it also depends on if you want to lose weight, build muscles or increase your endurance. It is for example different if you want to build muscles or if you want to be a long distance runner. If you want to build strength and muscles I should recommend you to do short distance and interval training like sprints and running in stairs.

2. Start slow
If you are new to running it is important to start slow and let your body get used to run. Running is one of the most impactful exercises for our body and our joints. Start with intervals of walking and running. You have to start with building a base and not go out to hard, you need to build up your aerobic base. When you do a run-walk you can for example walk 5 minutes and run for 1 minutes. You can increase the time you run when you feel that your body is ready for it and before you know it, you can run all the time for 30 minutes.

3. Be patient
Do what you like so you can keep doing it – keep up the good job. It takes a while to create a good habit and if you want to create a habit and reach your goal you have to be patient. There is no quick fixes or faster ways to get there. There is only hard work and dedication, as with everything else. So it is only your mind that can stop you. 
 Sometimes it looks easier for other, sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. All of us are born with different skills and abilities, you just have to find the right fit for you so you can keep up the good job.

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4. Appeals
Have the right shoes is the most important basis when it comes to running. It is a jungle with different shoes – Barefoot shoes, shoes with extra support, but it’s not only what feeling you want, it’s also what brand, color, etc. My best advice is to go in to a store with knowledgeable people that can help you out. It might be more expensive than to order online, but it will be worth it, because you will get a perfect pair of shoes for you. You might also want a good running watch so you can keep track on for how long and how far you have been running. Consequently, the most important, before you get started is to think about goal – why do you want to start running?

You should start slow with intervals of running and walking so you don’t get injured. Be patient, it takes a while to reach your goals and there is no quick fixes to get there, only hard work. The last thing that is important is to use the right shoes to what you are doing.

These are my tips to star running so let’s go! The feeling after a great running session is amazing. Can you feel it? Your lungs are filled with new fresh air and your heart have been pumping more than usually. You feel so satisfied with yourself and what you have accomplished.

If you have more specific questions about running and how to start you can always use the amazing coaches at Be You App, they respond to your questions quickly and you will get an individual answer that are personally for you. I’m sure they also have nutrition tips to you if you want to eat right at the same time as you start running. This will be an awesome spring and I’m sure 2016 will be your year and you will reach your goals.

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