New Year’s Resolution – Will You Make it or Break it?

Feb, 18, 2016

Now is the time of the year when you have the opportunity to see if you are willing enough to do a change in your life or not. Are you  enough committed to do this, and do the necessary changes in your life to reach your goal?

Are you committed to hold on to your goal and to never give up?

This is the tricky part, when you have done it for a while and start feeling tired at what you do or maybe feel that your time is not enough to keep doing it. But don’t stop, don’t let yourself down.

You can do it!

It is only the voice in your head that are trying to tell you to stop and to give up, but don’t listen. I have some advice about what you can do to not break your New Year´s resolution and instead make it to a good habit that you will keep on doing.

1. Set goals – It is so much easier to do something if you have a goal. Start with thinking

about the three W and answer the following questions:

  • What?
  • Why?
  • When?

That will help you decide what you want to do, is it to gain weight, lose weight, build more muscles, be faster, do a pull-up or maybe be healthy?

Next question is why?

Why do you want to do this?

What will it give you?

Through this question you can see if it´s really worth it and if this is something you really want to do. The last question is: when will you do it?

Both duration and when – how many and which day or days every week will you do what you have to, to reach your goal.

For example if you want to lose weight, a good plan can be to have milestones on the way and celebrate them in your own kind of way.

2. Find a workout buddy – Another good way to keep up the good job and keep pushing yourself is to have someone else pushing you as well. Someone who is by your side when it feels challenging and you want to stop. Imagine that you want to go to the gym twice a week at 6 am in the morning; it is easy to stay in the bed, right?

But if you instead have someone waiting for you, it is not as easy to stay in the bed. You know that someone will be disappointed if you don´t show up. It don´t necessary need to be in the morning, but my point is that if someone is there waiting for you it is easier to get there than if you will go to the gym or at a walk by yourself.

3. Find something you like to do – If you don´t like the workout you are doing it wont  take too long before you stop doing it. Therefore, it is important to try different things and find something that you really like. If you don´t like weightlifting, then don´t do it. Try something else; if you are going to a gym there are so many different classes to choose between so I´m sure you will find something that is right for you. Give yourself the time you need to find something you can stay committed to and like doing in the long-run. Not just only for now when you are trying to reach your resolution.

In my world a New Year´s resolution is a resolution in the beginning and feels challenging. But ifyou do it in the right way and trying to stay committed, I am sure that you will find something you like, that you will make into a good habit and enjoy as a part of your daily life. BeYou is also a perfect way to stay up to date, get inspiration, motivation and always have someone by your side on this journey.

I’m sure the journey to your goal will feel easier if you have someone pushing and helping you along the way, and we at BeYou are always here for you!

Good luck – you will make it!