Get Fit with HIIT – High Intense Interval Training

Mar, 09, 2016
High Intense Interval Training

If you want to get in shape but feel that time is your biggest enemy, check out HIIT or High intense interval training, it might be the perfect choice for you. HIIT-training has been extremely popular during the last couple of years, it has exploded at the market and there are some reasons for that. It might be the perfect workout form for you and I will give you 4 reasons to you about why a HIIT plan could be a great choice for you.

1. Time saving – Done in no time

If you are doing a HIIT session, you can save time for sure. A HIIT workout doesn’t need to be more than 15-30 minutes and you will be burning fat and increase your health. HIIT can be done in several different ways but one way is to work in cycles of 1 minutes with one intense strength or cardio exercise followed by recovery periods which can be rest or low-intensity activity. You can split it in different kind of ways regarding on what you prefer, three example is: 1. 40 sec of work – 20 sec of rest, 2. 30 sec of work and 30 sec of rest or 3. 20 sec of work and 40 sec of rest. Repeat this for 15-30 minutes and you will get a great workout. If you are hiit beginner, start with a longer rest and when you have done it for a while, you can short down your rest and increase the work time. If you are doing it 4-5 times a week you can also change between the different splitting to make it changing and funnier.

2. Flexibility – anywhere and everywhere

Are you having a hard time finding a gym or is the closest gym far from where you live? Then, the perfect choice for you is intensity training, you can do it wherever you are. If you are at the beach, in a park, at home, at a hotel room and have 15-30 minutes that you don’t now what to do. I will encourage you to do some high interval workouts and the best part is that you only need yourself, your bodyweight and a watch or timer. Because, equipment isn’t necessary do a great HIIT workout.

3. Increases metabolism – Fat burning even after you have finished

This type of workout will increase your metabolism which means that you will burn fat even after you are done with your HIIT workout.  They have also seen that you will burn more calories in a shorter period of time when you are doing a HIIT workout and during up to 24 hours after you are done with the workout.

4. Great Feeling – You and your body will love you

Isn’t that great? I think it is amazing, both you and your body will love you. You will feel so satisfied and happy afterwards. You will also have the possibility to build more muscle than if you for example do long distance running. If you compare a sprinter with a marathon runner, the sprinter has more muscles than the marathon runner. Of course it depends on what you want, but to have the possibility to do a workout wherever your are in no time is awesome. You will feel great and be happier, increase your heart rate during 15-30 minutes some days every week is good for your body and overall health.

As a result of doing a intense hiit workout you will gain both a better health but also a bunch of other things. A session, even though it is short, makes you more happy. You have always time to do it! You can do it wherever you are, equipment isn’t necessary and you will feel more healthy and satisfied with your self after this workout.

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