4 Ways to Find Time to Exercise

Mar, 22, 2016
find time to exercise

Do you have a hard time to find time to do your workout?

Saying that you lack of time is almost like saying that you don’t have 24 hours every day like all other people around you. It almost never about having time, it is all about prioritizing.

Maybe you need to try prioritizing differently in your everyday life. Because if you don’t prioritize your health and exercise, you might need to make time for illness. I have a four tips about how you can find time during your day to exercise, it doesn’t necessary have to take that long.

But if you do it consistently and with commitment you will gain a lot, both energy, a healthier and stronger body and mind.

The 4 ways that will make it easier to find time

1. Wake up earlier

Try to wake up an 60 min, 30 min or 20 min earlier every morning, every other morning or two times every week. Give your body and yourself a great start of the day through start with wake up your body with a workout or a walk around your neighborhood.

2. Stop watching TV

If you spend hours in the sofa watching TV – then stop! If it ‘s  important for you to watch, why not exercise at the same time as you watching? If you have a treadmill at home it is perfect to walk or run at the same time you are watching. If you don’t, you can do exercises with your own body weight.

3. Do it as a family activity

If you want to spend as much time as possible with your family beside your work, I understand that. But it is not just you that need to keep your body in motion and be healthy and working out. Your whole family needs it and it is more fun to do it together. There are so many fun things you can do together, that activates your body and let you have a wonderful time together.

4. Short workout

Do a short workout 15-30 minutes every day – I’m sure you can find that time. You don’t need a lot of time, everybody have 1 hour, 30 min, 15 min or 10 min. For example, a 10 min AMRAP (as many reps as possible) during 10 minutes – it can be effective exercises like burpees, air squats or push-ups. You can do it without a warm-up and with just your body weight. It will do you fitter than people that just are sitting in the sofa and watching TV.

I’m sure you can find more time than you think if you try and are positive about it and prioritize a little different. Do you think it’s difficult to come up with what exercises to do? We at BeYou are here for you to help. Just ask and we will give you advice and inspiration. You will have more energy to do the things you have to if you keep your body in motion. Because we are not born to just sit still, we are born to move!

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