Basic skin care guide for men

Apr, 22, 2019

If you’ve been skipping out on skin care recently? It’s time to talk. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do much to repair, protect, and even pamper your face. We are recommending a few basic steps to take in order to combat breakouts, shaving irritations and to get long-lasting results. Here’s how to get started!

3 basic daily steps to better skin:

  • Clean your face day and night

It is really important to wash your skin every night in order not to let dirt and pollution soak into your pores overnight. However, don’t wash your face every single morning as washing your skin too much could ruin your skin’s natural oils. Our recommendation is to use soap at night and just splash your face with cold water in the morning for a refreshing boost.

Before shaving, you can use a mild foaming cleanser or an exfoliating cleanser to help reduce surface oil.

  • Repair after shaving

Our skin can experience oxidative stress through free radicals (air pollution, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals, UV rays, etc).

Using an antioxidant serum like vitamin C can help reduce damage and should be applied before your morning moisturizer and your shaving routine.

  • Moisturize and protect

Retinol cream is recommended for men older than 30 years.

Follow up your antioxidant serum with a moisturizer that has at least SPF 30 (even having a beer on the patio during a sunny day can cause skin damage).

At night, opt for a lightweight moisturizer without sunscreen.

Pro tip: You don’t have to moisturize at night if your skin isn’t dry! Moisturizing is a lot like drinking water. Do it when you need it.