Acne spot: what does it mean?

Jan, 28, 2019

Did you know that the cause of acne is different according to the part of your face? Let’s discover the science-based reasons for your acne spot!

🔸Acne surrounding the hairline (pink line)

If you have pimples along your hairline, you should have a look at your hair products. Avoid the oil-based hair products that keep the natural oil in your hair follicles from exiting. The fact that they are blocked, creates a pimple. You can also opt for noncomedogenic products (non-clogging) or try a clarifying shampoo after application.

🔸Acne surrounding the cheeks (yellow line)

If you have pimples around your cheeks, you should probably change your pillow more often or avoid to hold your phone to your face. Your phone is spreading bacteria to your skin, and the same is happening with dirty pillows. This can potentially cause more acne.

Our tips: clean your smartphone regularly with a disinfectant product or consider using a Bluetooth headset if you have to call frequently. Consider also switch pillowcases at least once a week.


🔸Acne surrounding your jawline (green line)

Most of us have acne on the chin and jawline, which is often related to fluctuations in hormones. It is the result of excess androgens, which stimulates the oil gland and clog pores. It usually happens during the menstrual cycle or when you switch or start a new contraceptive method.

Moreover, some researches have demonstrated that acne could be caused by bad gut health. Some food can have an impact on your hormone levels, especially high-carb foods or some dairy products but also sugars, white bread, processed foods.


🔸Acne surrounding your forehead and nose (blue line)

Pimples in the T-zone area may be related to high stress and fatigue. Try to meditate and to have a good sleep hygiene. Moreover, avoid touching your forehead which spread oils into the pores. It is also important to use a daily skin product as well as a foundation adapted to your skin type.