As your health coach I am on a mission to help you through your lifestyle change. Whenever you need some support, have any doubts or are faced with a lack of motivation, I am there.

Health includes a lot of different aspects where the overall desire is wellbeing. The different aspects works together and in order to achieve a healthier and happier you, all the different aspects; nutritious food, physical activity and a balanced mind need to be taken into consideration.

I am a Swedish certified nutritionist counselor with an emphasis on behavioral change, based in Barcelona, Spain.  Seven years ago I had my own struggles, unwanted weight gain and weight loss, due to emotional eating – overeating and starving myself. Thankfully, I found my way out of this unpleasant behavior and decided to find a nourishing and self-loving relationship to myself, food, my body image and exercise. I started treating myself in a loving way, by eating whole foods, lots of nourishing veggies and fruits, complex carbs and lean protein and was convinced by the impact it had on my health.

And that’s why I today, as a health coach, love helping people to create the most stunning and powerful version of themselves. To see people’s desires to change for a better and healthier life is one of the most amazing things I know.

I believe in taking an individualistic and holistic approach, by discovering the current situation and circumstances. As we then can start exploring underlying reasons – thoughts and emotions that so far have stopped you from achieving your lifestyle change and reach your previous goals. And this is where BeYou, gives you personalized tools, including; nutritious recipes, workouts suited for your goal and 24/7coaching support – where you directly can chat with me or any of the other coaches. Hence, you are setting yourself up for success. Let’s get started, I am here to help You!


  • Certified Nutritionist Counselor with (behavioral change) Sverigehälsan, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Bachelor´s Degree in Business Administration ( marketing) Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden 


  • Health coach; individualized coaching, online and face to face. Helping people to achieve a better relationship with food; weight management, anorexia and diabetes.
  • Food diary analysis, recipe- & menu development.
  • Motivational health events for people interested in creating a healthier lifestyle.
  • Health Editor for an online magazine and blogger, creating content and value for those who are health conscious and interested in perusing better health.
  • Site Responsible, for a gym. Accountable for management, members’ inquiries regarding nutrition, workouts and overall experience.