Low Calorie Snack: Yogurt with apple and cocoa

Nov, 11, 2016
Yogurt with apple and cocoa

Do you want something different than that apple or banana? Something more filling and satisfying? Try this low calorie snack: Yogurt with apple and cocoa.

The creamy yogurt – which is a great protein and fat source, is perfect with the apple, which is a good carb-source. The cocoa is rich in magnesium and iron, among many other vitamin and minerals.

Try it before your workout and get more out of it. Click here for more snack-ideas!

Low Calorie Snack: Yogurt with apple and cocoa

3 oz Apple
3 oz Fat-free plain yogurt
0.3 oz cocoa

Simply chop the apple and top it on a bowl with yogurt. Sprinkle some cocoa.

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Nutrition Facts:
Calories: 65
Carbohydrates: 12g
Fat: 0.5g
Protein: 5g