Is skipping meals a recipe for disaster?

Sep, 04, 2015
skipping meals

Skipping Meals? When you deny yourself of food, you’re depriving your body of the necessary fuel to function. Being low on energy inhibits the ability to make wise decisions, which will ultimately lead to making unhealthy diet choices.

If you think skipping meals will help you lose weight, think again!

Hunger pangs are your body’s natural response to getting low on energy. When it’s time to refuel, Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is secreted, and your tummy starts to rumble. Go too long without eating and your primal instincts start to kick in, and suddenly you’ve found yourself in an eating frenzy. Before you know it, you’ve eaten everything in sight, feel sick, and are most likely kicking yourself.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Eating regularly is the smartest way to stave off intense hunger and stabilize your blood sugar, keeping your energy levels up and your mood high. BeYou Wellness Coach will assure that you never skip a meal by, not only planning your meals for you, but by also sending you regular alerts when it’s chow time.

It’s time to stop skipping meals!