Can Carbs affect your mood?

Nov, 12, 2015
carbs affect your mood

Do carbs affect your mood? Bogged down by the winter blues and looking for a way to lift your spirits?  What you eat could make a difference in how you feel.

Some of us experience a euphoric joy after eating chocolate. While indulging in this decadent treat might give us an instant boost, it is not the most ideal mood stabilizer due to its sugar content, which may leave us feeling even grumpier.

How do carbs affect your mood?

Eating certain carbohydrates; however, may enhance your mood and even have a longer lasting effect than sweets. Complex carbohydrates, without an overload of fat and protein allow more tryptophan (a nonessential amino acid found in most protein rich food) to enter the brain. As more tryptophan enters, more serotonin (the happy chemical) is synthesized, and mood tends to improve drastically. If you’re thinking about cutting down on carbohydrates, yet still want to keep spirits high this winter season, remember that not all carbs are created equal.

Some good sources for complex carbohydrates that will elevate your mood include: sweet potatoes, lentils, brown rice, oatmeal and bananas.

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