Lose Weight without going on a Fad Diet

Jan, 02, 2017
Fad Diet

Are you on a fad diet? If you’ve ever been lured in to trying the latest diet trend, you’re not alone. For many, it’s hard to separate nutrition facts from fiction, as there’s so much (often arguable) information out there. Because of this, we often rely on the “experts” for the answers. From juice fasts to high protein, people are in constant search of that magic remedy, but as the world of nutrition evolves, it seems humans are going back to the basics, and it looks like the magic lies in whole foods.

The truth of the matter is that fad diets don’t work, and for one very simple reason: They usually consist of processed foods and unusual habits that can complicate digestion–the key to optimal health, fitness and weight.   Extreme weight loss plans usually focus on eliminating one of our primary food sources (carbohydrates, fats or protein) until we’ve reached our weight loss goals. Once we go off the diet, many of us put the weight right back on, leaving us feeling less energetic and completely demotivated. Eliminating entire food groups will not only put you in a mental funk, but will also deprive your body of essential nutrients, putting you at risk of disease.

What research is showing us now is that when it comes to eating for optimal health, variety is key.  Adopting a whole foods diet (a diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, grains and protein in their most natural state, devoid of chemical preservatives, colorants, stabilizers and artificial flavors) will fuel your body with the vitamins, minerals and fiber it needs in order to achieve long lasting health benefits.  

So how can we make the switch from fad diet to practical?

It’s a lifestyle change.  The only way to truly experience long-term life changes through nutrition is by eating healthily on a consistent basis. This is why BeYou has provided you with a 7-day meal plan, incorporating complex carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber at every meal.

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By consistently eating a healthy diet you will not only provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, but you will also keep your GI tract functioning in tip-top shape, thus promoting a stellar environment for proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  This will increase energy levels and create lasting vitality.

Stop associating healthy with boring.  Some people shudder at the thought of eating a ‘healthy’ diet as they mistakenly assume that ‘healthy’ equals bland and boring. Once you begin to adopt a whole foods diet, you will not only notice changes in your health, energy and weight, but your taste buds will also readjust, and suddenly the ‘fun’ foods that you once enjoyed will seem laden with salt, sugar and fat. They’ll also make you feel bogged down and foggy headed.

What’s the best way to start eating a whole foods diet?  Start cooking.  This will assure you’re not getting any unwanted fat, sugar or other additives that will inhibit your health goals.

Planning ahead is essential.  Doing the shopping and making meals in advance will keep you on track and less likely to give into temptation.