It’s All good news! Launching BeYou app & completing our first seed round

Nov, 27, 2015


Just last August, the BeYou app debuted at the U.S. App Store. The BeYou app philosophy is built around total wellness, individuals must simultaneously pay attention to their nutrition, physical activity and emotional health.

The BeYou app recommends personalized diet plans and physical exercise schedules. The app assigns particular sets of certified coaches to each user. Users receive daily motivation tips and can chat at any moment with their coach. Such personalized attention can be critical in helping users to keep up with their recommended plans, ensuring the achievement of wellness success.

It all began when we competed against 200 other project proponents in vying for an opportunity to participate in the first Wellness Accelerator Program sponsored by Technogym. Ultimately, we were awarded one of five team slots in the accelerator program, which was held at the H-Farm facility in Italy. For four months under this program, which began in March of this year, we benefited from the wisdom and experience of seasoned mentors. Our team was also able to pilot-test the BeYou app among a closed community of entrepreneurs and take advantage of improvement opportunities.

In September, we secured our first round of seed capital from Wellness Holding. The Alessandri family of Italy manages the Wellness Holding angel investment fund. They also own Technogym, the world leader in gym and fitness equipment design.


By having Wellness Holding as a major investor, a link is created between BeYou and Technogym. These two brands both provide benefits that arise from embracing the wellness pyramid, whose corners are nutrition, fitness and emotional conditioning. Wellness means being able to do whatever one desires to do. In order to achieve wellness, Individuals are required to exercise regularly, eat balanced and healthy foods, and have a positive mindset at all times. Having a plan helps a lot in meeting these requirements. Here is where the BeYou app proves itself useful, by creating personalized, expertly designed plans. The BeYou app painstakingly drives users to eat better, move better, and feel better!

Abir Mehawej, Director and Founder of Kee Digital (BeYou), has this to say about their partnership with Wellness Holding (Technogym):

We are very grateful to Nerio Alessandri, President of Technogym, for giving us his trust. This has become manifest in the Wellness Holding decision to provide us with seed capital. Our affiliation with their world-renowned brand equips us with a validation and seal of approval, as we venture into the global market for wellness self-help services. We are happy to be associated with Technogym in delivering a complete wellness experience to our customers.

Kee Digital is the innovative company behind the BeYou App. It was established in 2014 and is headquartered in Barcelona. The BeYou team is composed of young, dynamic, multi-disciplinary professionals whose expertise encompasses fitness and health, digital media and mobile app development.

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