Is It Too Hot to Run Outside? Try This!

Jul, 05, 2016
Too hot to run outside

While most people welcome warm weather, the runners among us might be watching rising temperatures with fear. Is it too hot to run now?

Running in 90 degree weather and high humid isn’t as much fun as it used to be, when you had a cooling breeze and a brisker temperature.

If you are struggling to stay committed to your running during the summer, you are definitely not the only one. Good news! Here are some practical tips keep your motivation on a hot summer day.

Slowing your pace will make you faster

It can be really frustrating, because as the heat increases the performance tends to decrease. As it gets warmer, you might be wondering how to run in heat. You  are frankly  not able to run as fast and your body doesn’t respond to the exercises as it used to before the warmer months — a huge motivation bummer!

“I have found my pace much slower and perceived effort much harder leading me to feel less fit that I really am”.

This is a common concern and something that many runners experience during the summer. Many people might find it more appealing to just relax and slow down during the summer, simply because it is too hot and that’s okay. In fact if you keep running in the summer, once the fall comes, you will realize how much faster you become, how easier it feel to run and what a different response you get from your body. This will be an immediate motivator and boost!

Tips for running in the heat

There are luckily a few actions that can be taken into consideration for running in 90 degree weather. Increase your chances of handing the heat and improve your chances to still find the necessary motivation to go for that sweaty run, when it feels like it’s just too hot.

1. Make it fun

The best way to actually stick to your running routine, no matter what the temperature it is, is to make it fun. We are naturally social beings, so why not make your training social? If you are a competitive, sign up for a race. Have something to train for, follow a plan and work towards your goal. If that’s not your cup of tea, try to switch up your routine, by finding new routes, terrains and variations. Enjoy a run in the nature, try some intervals or run with your dog. Travel somewhere new and explore the area on foot. Attend a fitness camp or a group summer run.  Here are some ideas to stay motivated and our popular summer workout program!

2. The right timing

During the summer, avoid running between 9 am and 7 pm during the peak of the day’s heat. I know, not all of us are early risers, but if possible make your run the first thing in the morning. If that’s not working out for you, make run late in the evening, before the sunset.  In case neither mornings or nights works for you, try choosing routes which aren’t directly exposed to sun, such as forest trails or areas with breezes. This will help you enjoy your run even though it’s burning hot outside.

3. Listen to your body

Before heading out, check how hot is it going to be outside today. Have in mind that the higher the temperature, the more demanding your workout will be. Running in high humidity and hot weather can increase the risk for dehydration, heat stroke and other heat related illnesses. With that in mind, pay attention to your body and signs of dehydration throughout your run, such as thirst, fatigue, and headaches. The feeling of thirst, is actually a sign of that you’re already dehydrated. Therefore, make sure you listen to your bodies signal and use common sense at any given time. Sometimes it might be too hot to run and sometimes it’s perfectly fine.

4. Stay Hydrated

This is number one and something to consider even before you start running. As a runner you should be aiming to consume at least 64 ounces of water per day. If hot weather you should try to hydrate as often as you can during the entire day, before it’s time for your run and also after your run. When you head out running you want your body to hydrated and alert to taken on the physical and mental challenge as good as possible. More information about why it’s important to hydrate.

5. Dress right for your run

This aspect can’t be stressed enough, lightweight and sweat-draining fabrics are highly recommended. Please don’t use sweatpants when running in hot weather . Beaming sun surely affects your skin as well, hence make sure you are wearing sunscreen and preferably a cap. Additionally, take care of your feet, without good well-suited shoes, your running won’t be long-lasting no matter what temperature it is. Moreover, there are many types of running shoes on the market, it can be really hard to know where to begin. My advice is to reach out to an expert that can help you finding the most suitable shoes for your feet, body and running.

6. Make A Splash

Use water on your head and face to help cool your core temperature.  Under your armpits is another area cold water will aid in cooling your body temperature.  After your run, literally make a splash. Jumping into a pool or the sea will help your body dissipate heat rapidly and can give you a perfect post-run recovery.

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