5 Tips to Master Mindful Eating

Jan, 15, 2016
Master Mindful Eating

Life gets busy and the days seem to fly by quicker and quicker. With this fast paced world and busy lifestyle that most of us are living these days our most important asset is our health.

Without optimal health, keeping up with the fast paced reality, it’s hard to make everyday life work.

But, for many of us, instead of preventing health issues and making it easier to get the busy  days running smoothly, we work against ourselves and beat ourselves up.

A fight at work, a too busy and stressful day, with loss of control, or a fail managing to tick of all the tasks on your To-Do list, turns into you finishing an entire bag of chips. Or that you buy a chocolate cake on your way back home from work, or that you end up stuffing yourself with three portions of food, even though you actually not were that hungry. 

Do you turn to food during stressful or bad days?

Do you have your cellphone in one hand while staring on your laptop when eating?

Do you finish your meal in 5 minutes?

You are not alone.

However, there are considerably more favorable ways to eat.

One way is to focus on mindful eating. Good news, you can start tomorrow already. It’s all about being present and to activate all your senses.

Master Mindful Eating Focus with these five tips:

Listen to your body

Follow your hunger signal and tune in.
– How hungry are you?

Create peace around your meal

Remove distractions and take three deep breathes.

Focus on your plate and the food

– What flavors do you recognize?
– How is the texture of the food and how does it taste?

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Chew properly

Make sure you chew your food properly. It helps you calm down and improves your digestion system.
When distracted, breathe.

Take breaks

Don’t rush, allow yourself to take breaks, put away your cutlery and chew the food thoroughly. Eating is one of our basic needs and it’s also pleasure, so make sure you enjoy your meal, before your plate is empty.

Mindful eating can help you receive your fitness goals and help you lose weight, or to just help you improve your overall health – to make You become a Better You.

So breath, calm down and be mindful while enjoying your meal!