How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Dec, 03, 2015

Understanding when and why people gain weight is vital in order to find strategies for the significantly increased numbers of overweight in the west world. A well-known reason for weight gain is the magic holiday seasons and these situations when we escape from our routines and everyday life, to celebrate life a little bit extra.

And if you (like most others) are inclined to indulge more during these times, we’ve got good news for you.

According to a recent study in a scientific publication, New England Journal of Medicine, studies showed that on average an American gained just one pound, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day (!)

The researches tracked the weight of 195 people, during one year, before Thanksgiving and onward, again after a year. So in the end, we don’t gain that much weight as we believe we do during holidays. However, we appeared to have a hard time to lose it and get back to the weight we had before the holidays started.

So what can we learn from this?

Weight gain is permanent. 

What can we do about it?

Prevent the weight gain from happening in the first place
Might sound easier than it is in practice. A key factor, in order to success on this point is to make sure you eat mindfully and don’t let your emotions affect what or how much food you put on your plate.

Look at food and exercise as your fuel and resources to a balanced lifestyle and a healthy you – don’t use it for self-sabotage.

  • If you gain some weight during the holidays, don’t stress out!
    There are solutions to be found. Start by finding out why you want to lose weight, by discovering your present situation as well as what you aim for.
  • Have a plan
    Make it clear what you want to achieve and keep consistency in your actions.
  • Get some help along the road!
    Increase your workouts and physical activity. If you are completely new to fitness, get some help from a personal trainer to get started.
    Eat nutrition dense food and stay mindful. Ask for support, if you are not sure. There are plenty of different recommendations out there, which might make you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the diverse advises about what you should eat and not eat.

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