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Nov, 25, 2015
a healthier you

BeYou is committed to offer you the tools to a Healthy Lifestyle – for you to become a better you and to help you hit your goal.

By empowering you to Eat better, Move better and Feel better.

  • You get free access to our dedicated team of coaches; Nutritionist, Fitness-, Health and Life Coaches who are there to help you achieve your goal. BeYou’s chat gives you opportunities to directly chat with our coaches whenever you need support or simply some extra motivation. You are never alone! Together, we ensure a smooth flow.
  • You get a personalized meal plan with simple and delicious recipes, based on your current circumstances, health conditions, preferences and goal. Every day, you have a complete meal plan including recipes and instructions, if there are doubts or any questions, you can always ask our certified nutritionist and health coach.
  • You get a personalized workout plan, with videos and instructions. The workouts are based on your physical ability, fitness aspirations and goal.  Our certified and dedicated fitness coaches are available to support you along your journey.

Time to get started.

Our coaches are waiting for you.
They are ready to help you hit your goal and to be a healthier and better you.

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