Get Rid of the “All or Nothing Mindset” and Reach Your Goals

Feb, 10, 2016

A few days ago I was in a coaching session with a client of mine and she told me that she recently had come to realize that when she sticks to her healthy eating and workout routines, the benefits of it are very clear. She feels physically and mentally more energized and happier. So if she already knows that this nourishing way of eating healthy and exercising regularly makes her feel better. How comes she, as well as so for so many other of us, over and over again, keep on falling off the wagon?

That is where the human part of making a lifestyle change comes in.

The area of psychology and human behaviour is another important aspect that should be considered while optimizing your nutritional intake and physical activity for weight-loss, weight-gain or what other lifestyle change you are trying to achieve.

Just as my client told me, when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, most of us already knows what to what to eat and how much we should exercise. That we should walk instead of taking the car and that a salad is a preferred choice than pizza, however, so many of us just let this logical thought be the end of it. We don’t let our actions be a result of our thoughts.

Or perhaps we try it for a few weeks or days, because that how long we can sustain the new habits. But why not for a longer time than that?

Because the main reason for our change, for the most of the times is created out of will-power, rather than from a place of love.

We want to reach our goals, and we believe the only way to reach it is to go all cold turkey. Thus, reducing the risk of temptation by cutting out all of it from our life. For example cutting out all sugar in our diet, as well as going to the gym five times a week and starting to cook at home. In order to hit the goal of a slimmer body and a 20 lbs lighter version of you within a few weeks.

Quite a change, right?

Consequently,  if you don’t want to go all cold turkey and make this BIG change in all areas at the same time. You should start step by step. One change at a time, so it doesn’t get too much and overwhelming for you. Hence, you are more likely to sustain your change over time. Yes, I know, you want your results today, or actually, you already wanted them yesterday, but they still aren’t visible. Therefore, time for a new strategy and time to get rude of the “All or nothing” mindset, for once and for all.

This is how you do it:

Start by finding your why – why do you want to make this lifestyle change and what’s your goal?

Make a plan – make it clear what you want to achieve and keep consistency in your actions.

No rush, step by step – logical thinking helps in this case. Start by making small changes. No sugar in your coffee a handful nuts or yoghurt with berries in the afternoon instead of a cookie or muffin. Or two workout sessions each week, instead of no. When one these changes works, you can slowly add another.

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