5 Easy Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Dec, 21, 2016
Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How to avoid holiday weight gain. Christmas is officially here and you know what that means: Time off and food in abundance. However, just because the holidays are here, you don’t have to let go of all the hard work you have done through out the year. If you follow these simple tips to keep in shape during the holiday season, you can avoid gaining weight and still enjoy your favorite dishes. 

Follow this easy steps to avoid holiday weight gain

1. Workout as usual
One of the common mistakes that many people make is that they start reducing training during the festive weekends, and eventually disappear completely. It is not particularly surprising given that it is a stressful period. But to prioritize your training around the holidays just as you would do for the rest of the year, will not only help you burn a part of the Christmas good calories, it also helps you to maintain the muscle mass that you worked hard for, which also means that your metabolism will stay high.

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2. Make healthier versions of your favorite foods
Reduce the sugar, or use honey as an alternative sweetener, choose yoghurt instead of cream and pick a whole wheat flour instead of a regular white flour.  Hence, you won’t feel deprived of all the goodies and perhaps, these healthier versions tastes even better.

3. Do not fast
Another mistake that many people make during the holidays is that they skip their regular meals when they know that a big dinner is coming up, However, the problem with this strategy is that you then tend to get the opposite result of the desired effect. Because your body is already hungry, which means that you probably will eat more during the dinner and are more tempted to end up stuffing yourself with more food and sweets.

4. Eat only your favorites

Although weekends are filled with delicious food options, there are probably only a few dishes that you really, really like. Instead of going nuts all over what’s offered to you, save your calories for the things that you really absolutely love. It will make you enjoy it even more.

5. Eat plenty of vegetables and protein

If you know you’ll be at a party where sweets will be offered, ensure you are full, and have eaten plenty of protein rich food and vegetables. It helps you to keep full for a longer time, makes you more satisfied and you are less likely to over indulge just because you hunger. But remember, the Christmas season comes just once a year. Don’t be too strict, enjoy the food and the traditions that you love.

Merry Christmas!