The Real Benefits of Being Healthy

May, 09, 2016
benefits of being healthy

When I first discovered the real benefits of being healthy (which at that point had a totally different meaning than it has for me today) I believed that restricting myself, practicing self-control and working out five days a week and eating clean and drinking green smoothies was “it”.

As a 21 years old something me, I used to believe that the only reason to make healthy choices and going to the gym, spending endlessly hours on the elliptical’s and treadmills, was to look good. That the work I put in there, finally would pay off and give me that body I wished for, with the perfect butt, toned arms and tight thighs. So, did it work?

From time to time, yes. But in the long run no, it just took me further and further away from loving myself for who I am and thinking about the benefits of being healthy. Surrounded by blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram accounts promoting clean eating, calorie counting and an extreme amount of training. For example Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Training Guide, Karena and Katrina’s Toneitup, which all of them have in common the emphasis on looking a certain way and how that is going to make you feel .

But it all takes really hard work. In order to reach these goals, you have to force yourself, use self-control and wake up early, push yourself harder and harder. No matter what place you are in, how you are feeling. The only feelings allowed, are the positive ones, because the opposite emotions won’t take you straight ahead towards your goal.

What happens when we don’t allow all the spectra’s of emotions to be felt?

Personally, after a certain time my negative emotions had built up, my self-control didn’t last and I couldn’t stand forcing myself any more. Therefore, I give up and what happens when you give up diet or a workout schedule, you possibly feel less worthy and sad. Your thoughts starts wondering away and your self-esteem is likely to decrease. The next time you are doing something similar you are not entering that challenge with the same confidence.

“Health is not a weight it’s not a diet & most of all it’s not the same for everyone”

Thankfully, with time, through experience, I have come to realize that the real benefits of being healthy is more than just a certain number on the scale. First of all, you can become healthier, without having to push yourself harder, without tough restrictions, self-control and an aim based on what you want to look like. Looking good, is of course a way to find motivation, but in order to still feel good and to receive a long-lasting solution, you should look beyond those vain reasons to change.

BeYou Wellness Coach is an alternative for you who want to make a change a healthy way. First of all, you are not alone, you have your own professional coach. A meal plan that is based on you, your current situation, lifestyle and wished diet regular, semi-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan  and, not a 1000 calorie starvation diet. Your own workout plan makes it easy to even keep your workout routine up. The exercises are scheduled for you, with full instructions and coaches to explain if you have any doubts. In reality this means that you have your own coach to discuss that so important goal with, and as I said before that goal could be anything, concerning your health. Perhaps you simply just want to improve your relationships, cook healthier food to your children, or to finally create a sustainable workout routine.

So in the end, what are the real benefits of being healthy?

What we need to do to feel good, (e.g. being healthy) is obviously very individual. However, loving yourself; living your life fully, giving your body and mind nourishing nutrient dense food, daily physical activity and healthy relationships are the roots and real benefits of being healthy!

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