The Comfort Zone

Nov, 17, 2015
Comfort Zone

I am sure you have heard this expression a thousand times. It truly is the best way to express conformity and lack of aspirations.

My main objective in this post is to help you detect when you are entering the comfort zone and how to avoid it.

If you are one of those people that constantly seeks the comfort zone in your daily life, you are at risk of becoming discouraged because we will not achieve the results we desire.

Apart from that, comfort zones are not time-effective or efficient. Let´s see what strategies or tools exist to get you out of your comfort zone.

What is the comfort zone in Fitness terms?

The comfort zone has to do with your routine, creating standard exercise patterns or repeating the same exercises over and over again. Exercises that are welded into our workout routine give us the feeling that we are good at them. It is the law of least effort or resistance, since by repeating and repeating, our body has become used to the input and hardly notices its effects.

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How to get out of the comfort zone?

It is very easy to enter this inefficient dynamic and it often occurs inadvertently. The hard part is to get out of it, therefore we need to be as alert and conscious of it as possible to avoid its dangers. For this reason we recommend changing your workout routines (micro-cycles) every so often. For example it would be a good start to change your routine every month, which does not mean that at the end of month you cannot repeat the exercises from two months ago. Just make sure to keep the body guessing every so often.

Changing your training technique is another great way out of the comfort zone. Include HIIT, Circuits, Slow Reps, Low Reps, training to muscle failure, ascending and descending series one week to another etc are all methods of breaking the monotony.