Before you even start…

Jan, 08, 2016
Before you even start

Before you even start! Remember that the right start is half the battle. This article will help you to choose the right BeYou program as well as the right BeYou Coach to kick-start you towards a better, fitter and healthier you. 

Before you choose your BeYou exercise program, the number of workout days, your preferred diet and foods, ask yourself a couple of questions first:

1. What is my availability?

2. How much time can I invest on a weekly basis for an x amount of weeks, probably even monthly?

Think wisely and realistically about time.
Evaluate your availability, your domestic or work responsibilities, everyday chores such as food shopping, cleaning the house, walking the dog etc. By doing so you will know how much time you can invest in your program. Is your agenda completely full during the week, and only Saturday and Sunday allow for quality free-time, then don’t opt for 4x week training in your BeYou program. This will cause you unnecessary stress and negative thoughts. So be realistic and see how much time you can invest every week for workout.

3.  What is my goal?

4. What do I want to achieve?

Let your goals determine your decisions

If you have a BMI’s over 27 and want to target belly fat or get slimmer thighs, a tone up program won’t get you those results. In such case a weight loss program would be the correct option. If your BMI is somewhere between 24 and 27 a tone-up or build muscle program could be the far better option than choosing a weight loss program, even though you might need to lose 2-3kg (5-8pounds) of body fat.
Cropped shot of a young man and woman working out

I have seen people with 30+ percent of body fat, near 40 BMI’s and painful knees choosing a 5x week weight loss program for advanced fitness levels. Apart from that person being unable to complete such routine safely and injury free, it is just not the right approach to improving your fitness levels, losing weight and reaching your goals. This could be a recipe for disaster, there are many variables to work with, so ask your fitness coach in such case.

5. What is my level of fitness?
6. How often should I work out ideally?

Again be realistic. One thing is where you would like your fitness levels to be, another thing is which level you are currently at.  Ask your fitness coach how to set your program variables so they suit you better. A good start is half the battle.  

7. Which coach suits me best?

If you need to lose 10+ pounds in body weight, doing the right abs- or butt exercises probably won’t get you the results you want, even if you want to lose weight in those areas of your body. You might also have tried different diets or exercise programs already, without (or only temporary) success.  In many cases of weight loss there are emotional, medicinal or psychological issues that made you gain weight. Therefore contacting our life coach will be much more effective to get you started the right way. He will set you up for success, by creating the right mind-set and support framework. Afterwards, any consultation with your nutrition coach and sports coach will be much more efficient too.

You want to tone up or build muscle?

Weight isn’t so much the problem; however you want to pack on some lean muscle. In such case your sports coach is the best person to contact first. Building muscle isn’t as straightforward as you might think. A lot of dedication and the right approach are critical to make you build (lean) muscle mass.
Once you have set your program together with your personal trainer, you will then be able to explain your nutritional needs to our nutrition coach.

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You want live healthier?

In this case a combination of diet and exercise are probably the best approach. However some life or work related problems or bad habits can also make you lose out on good health. Ask yourself where you need support most. Is it emotional, motivational or do you want to learn more about exercise or nutrition.  Based on your answers you can then choose to contact one of us, or all of us.

 I am not sure how to start or who to ask for help and guidance?  

In this case, simply ask all of us. We will be there to get you started the right way! Years of experience in the field of life coaching, nutrition coaching and fitness coaching will help you choose the right program, the right coach and the right approach. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. So ask, ask, ask!

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