Is your to-do list full? Empty it!

Nov, 04, 2015
to-do list

Do you feel like your to-do list is huge? Are your obligations overwhelming? If so, there is a simple 3-step exercise to empty it, so that you can focus on just the things you’d love to do.

3 Easy steps to empty your to-do list

1. Make a list of everything you “have to” do, because it is an obligation, like it or not, because there is no alternative (for example, “I have to cook”, or “I have to wake up early in the morning”, or even “I have to follow that fitness plan”).
2. Change all the “I have to” by “I choose” (for example, “I choose to cook”, “I choose to wake up early in the morning” or “I choose to follow that fitness plan”).
3. Add to each item the ending “in order to… (For example, “I choose to cook in order to provide myself with healthy meals”, “I choose to wake up early in the morning in order to enjoy meditation while everybody at home is still sleeping”, or “I choose to follow that fitness plan in order to become a better myself”) If you can’t find a proper ending to the sentence, just stop doing that at least for a couple of days, until you find a sense of purpose for doing it.

This exercise reminds me one of my strongest beliefs, which helps me keep going: we always choose. No obligations, but engagements. It is me who has the power to decide my next steps, and the responsibility to manage the consequences of my actions.
When you become aware of the benefits of either doing something or stop doing it, you’ll realize the power is yours. The power to choose. And the To-Do list will be, well, just empty.

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