Is it Because of Stress?

Dec, 15, 2015
because of stress

Is it because of stress? Science provides plenty of proofs about the close relationship between body and mind. Every physical symptom has an emotional impact and vice versa. That’s because body and mind are both part of the same energy system.

Under normal conditions, our head, chest and abdomen move according to our internal pulse rate, in perfect synchrony. But when stress comes, synchrony is lost: our hearth beats faster, in order to get ready for action, our mind is willing to say “No!” but, at the end, we end up saying “Yes”.

Synchrony is lost, and our body has started to record everything somewhere inside; this record comes as a rigidity, so movement becomes more difficult. After some records, we start feeling back pain, or maybe our digestions are worsening. If we are not aware of the root causes, rigidness could become chronic.

Next time you feel any kind of pain, ask yourself for the root cause, following this 5-step process:

  1. Identify the most rigid parts of your body
  2. Which of the 3 main parts of your body (head, chest and abdomen) are more affected by rigidness?
  3. Which other parts of the body do they affect (feet, arms, etc.)?
  4. What do these rigid parts prevent me to do? What inhibitions do they trigger?
  5. Those inhibitions are a way of dealing with some needs of something you lack. What are these needs?

Once you become aware of your unfulfilled necessities, you can start working to fulfill it, or realize you actually don’t need it. This will be the first step to regain synchrony. Try now to relax your rigid parts, through a soft massage and relaxed breathing, and you will feel better. Physically and emotionally.

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