Accept it and move forward

Jan, 26, 2016
move forward

Let’s move forward. I love soccer. Like handball or water polo, every team has a goalkeeper, a person in charge of avoiding the other team to score. Imagine a goalkeeper who complains because the other team’s forwards make strong and accurate shots. He would have an excuse to justify the goals: “They are too good for me; I can’t do anything”.

Now imagine that the same goalkeeper, facing the same forwards, decides to do his job and try to stop every shot. In this case, he has made the first step, which is to accept the reality and respond to it.

What if the forwards score many goals?

The goalkeeper may decide he has failed. He is unable to do his job, and there is nothing to do.

But he can also accept the fact: on this occasion, the other team was better. And maybe he will see the video of the game to learn something else. Maybe then he will realize he has made some good blocks indeed. Maybe he will also realize that things could have been much worse and, for sure, having seen the footage, next game will be better.

Just move forward

Acceptance does not necessarily mean to stay still, without doing anything. Acceptance is to get rid of self-victimization which lies under the assumption that “it is others’ fault”. It is the first step to give a response to whatever happens. It is not just “tolerance”.

After acceptance, we are ready to find inside ourselves the abilities to respond to what happens. We become “response-ables”. We become responsible people. Which is, somehow, the opposite of being a victim. Acceptance is the foundation of responsibility.

The responsible goalkeeper says “since I am facing the best forwards, I will be attentive to their every single move”. The victimized goalkeeper asks one question all the time: “Why do I always have to face the best ones?” and, meanwhile, the ball goes into the goal again and again.

What kind of goalkeeper do you want to be?

The victimized one or the responsible one?

We all know exercising can be a little bit painful, especially at the beginning. We all know changing some diet habits can be hard. But the sooner we accept these facts and move forward, the better. It’s just a matter of acceptance and, consequently, training to improve.

So, if you are ready, the BeYou team will be more than happy to be by your side on your way to a better you.

Are you ready?

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