10 Reasons to Jump out of Bed!

Dec, 04, 2015
Reasons to Jump out of Bed

Reasons to Jump out of Bed? Why should you wake up so early, especially on winter days? Early in the morning, when the alarm clock rings, the best place to be is in bed. And when you are not sure about the purpose of waking up, time goes by and you are still inside, away from coldness. During a coaching session I recently had, I was trying to find some motivational tips to help my client to wake up in the morning.

After finishing the coaching, she decided to write a list of her “top 10 reasons” which made her feel more motivated. Every time she has that “better stay in bed” kind of feeling, she opens her eyes and reads the list of 10 tips.

“They make me think that, somehow, it’s worth making the step out of that place where I feel so comfortable, and start writing my own future”.

The best part of life happens outside your comfort zone. 

So here goes her list, which by the way, helped me as well and I hope they are going to help you too.

10 Reasons to Jump out of Bed:

  1. Because the only exercise that hurts is the one that you don’t do.
  2. Because no dream comes true until you wake up and get to work.
  3. Because effort and sacrifice make you stronger.
  4. Because if you are tired of starting over, stop leaving.
  5. Because perseverance is the key to success.
  6. When you are about to give it up, think of all the people that doesn’t trust you, and prove they are wrong.
  7. Stop following examples and become the example to follow.
  8. Because the brave is not the fearless, but the one that beats fear.
  9. Because nobody can go back and build a new beginning, but anyone can start right now and make a new ending.
  10. Because limits are only in your mind.

What is your top 10 motivational list? Does it help you move on your way to a better you?