10 Mantras for your meditation

Nov, 19, 2015
Mantras for your meditation

Mantras for Your Meditation. One of meditation’s ultimate goals is to empty your mind, so that you are ready to fill it with good experiences. By freeing yourself of thoughts –specially, the negative ones, you get ready for being conscious of the good things that life brings you.

10 Mantras for Your Meditation

“One of the best things to fill your mind and soul with after meditating is positive thoughts about yourself”. If you want to start practicing it, try to repeat one of the following mantras about yourself. Like apples, a mantra a day keeps the doctor away.

  1. I smile at myself; this will give me confidence.
  2. I notice myself; I’m not stupid, I’m not lazy.
  3. I Love myself; I want to be the rest of my life by my side.
  4. I believe in myself; I can make a change.
  5. I trust myself; we all make mistakes and I want to learn from them.
  6. I listen to myself; my opinion matters.
  7. I inspire myself; I am needed; I can and I will.
  8. I help myself; I can ask questions, and learn the answers.
  9. I empower myself; I give me a chance.
  10. I honor myself; I am not a joke; I deserve to be honored.

We at BeYou believe that positive thinking makes a difference, and this is why we request ourselves to start any activity by repeating one of these mantras 6 times. My preferred one is number 3. Which one is yours? Would you like to share a different one with me?

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