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In need of a taste of summer? This Tropical Berry Smoothie from Dannon® is sure to give you that tropical fix you’ve been looking for. Ready in just three easy steps, this recipe is an easy way to incorporate some fruit into your am routine and a great way to jumpstart your day.


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Raspberry Walnut Smoothie

Warm summer days with sun shining all day long?

Perhaps you feel like you need a rest and something cold to drink in the middle of the day. Then you have to try this amazing Raspberry walnut smoothie.

It’s the perfect snack on the go and it also works fine as a healthy start and breakfast – an energizing smoothie!

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Sunscreen Application: Mistakes you didn’t know you’re making

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S? Most of us already know this, thats why with spring sunscreen season starts. But is this enough?

Truth is that sunscreen application is one the most effective ways to protect your skin. But even if you’re fully committed to wearing it, good intentions aren’t enough. In order to get the most protection, it’s crucial you slather right.

For those who already feel guilty or just want to find out how they are doing, have a closer look at these common mistakes people are doing when it comes to sunscreen application and learn what to do instead!

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Simplest Italian Eggplant Salad

Summer times, heavy meals are not as appealing as they use to be and we are reaching for something lighter. Perhaps you start being more social, going to dinners and barbecues.  This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on everything that’s healthy and nourishing for you and your body. You still want to be in shape for the bikini season, that’s just around the corner. This Simplest Italian Eggplant Salad is the perfect dish to bring to your next barbecue with friends, fresh and easy to make!

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