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Healthy Lunch: Salmon & Avocado Sandwich

This salmon & avocado sandwich is to die for and it’s ready in no time!

A few healthy ingredients and less then 10 minutes and you’ll have a mouthwatering lunch ready.

If you are looking for more ideas and recipes, visit our recipes section . Or make it even more convenient on busy weekdays and follow your personalized meal plan. But first, let’s try this recipe out!

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Roasted Salmon with Sweet Potatoes – Under 15 Minutes Recipe

You are going to love this simple and tasty roasted salmon with sweet potato recipe! 

Ready in only 15 minutes, it’s very easy to prepare and will give you a great number of nutrients in one serving.

Lets get the cooking started!

Looking for more tasty recipes? Head over to the recipe category or even better get your own, easy to follow recipes in your meal plan.

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Healthy Oven-Roasted Salmon & Asparagus

Salmon in the oven is a super simple and healthy dish for everyone. Moreover, this Healthy Oven-Roasted Salmon & Asparagus recipe isn’t only  simple and fast, it’s as well a healthy lunch and dinner alternative, that will give you a nutrient dense meal, including healthy fat sources and a great number of proteins.  Looking for more healthy and easy recipes? Then go to the recipe category or download the app!
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Healthy Meal Prepping

For many of us, cooking dinner every night is a frustrating, time-consuming process, even if you know your way around a kitchen.

Here’s a meal prep idea to turn cooking from a time-consuming chore into a quick, easy, healthy and delicious process.

Let’s get started.

Enjoy this delicious main dish from the BeYou Kitchen and let it inspire you to prepare yourself in the best way for the week.
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