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4 Recipes to Get Your Healthy Cooking Started

Do you feel like you have been overeating during your holidays? You are not alone, most of us have a tendency to do it. But wait! There is still hope.

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Quinoa Pudding Under 200 Calories

Are you a big fan of quinoa? Then you should include it in your breakfast and try this delicious quinoa pudding.

This gluten-free, high fiber grain has become mainstream and quite popular over the last couple of years, and it’s clearly a good reason for it.  It’s tasty, healthy, keeps your blood sugar levels stable and will help you stay full and satisfied until lunch!

For your own breakfast recipes, have a look at your meal plan! Continue reading

Skinny Apple Crumble

The apple season is finally here! Let’s take advantage of that and prepare this easy, no-sugar added, tasty skinny apple crumble.

All it take is 7 ingredients, no sugar and 15 minutes to have an outstanding desert ready.

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