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Sweet Chocolate Dipped Banana Bites

Want some healthy benefits? I thought so, who doesn’t? This amazing combination of chocolate dipped banana combines crunchiness, with pure deliciousness.

Delicious, easy and healthy at the same time. Are you a chocolate lover? This mind blowing brownie recipe, is to die for.

But first, let’s get the preparations!

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How to Make Healthy Chocolate Balls Recipe

Sometimes you are just craving something more satisfying, but you don’t want to eat something that contains a lot of sugar and that’s processed. This is a great alternative that will makes you satisfied without living you with a feeling of guilt. These delicious and healthy chocolate date balls, created by BeYou health coach Teresia are high in protein, contains good fat sources, fiber and boosts your energy levels. That’s also why they are a good snack, on the go, for busy work days, for your workout days, or for a great treat for a coffee or a tea together with friends.

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Christmas Treat with Secret Squirrel Food

Karen behind Secret Squirrel Food is a creative mind, photographer and the sneaky chef behind the popular Instagram account. Her website consists of great collection of recipes that celebrates the pleasures of eating simple, real, natural and wholesome food. Today she shares her delicious recipe: Double Coated Raw Chocolate Dates with us – The Perfect Christmas Treat!

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