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Is It Too Hot to Run Outside? Try This!

While most people welcome warm weather, the runners among us might be watching rising temperatures with fear. Is it too hot to run now?

Running in 90 degree weather and high humid isn’t as much fun as it used to be, when you had a cooling breeze and a brisker temperature.

If you are struggling to stay committed to your running during the summer, you are definitely not the only one. Good news! Here are some practical tips keep your motivation on a hot summer day.

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This is why you should stop counting calories

Should you stop counting calories? As many as two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese. For many of them, the cure is to start calculating calories in food. Yet there is not many attempts which leads to sustained weight loss. These unsuccessful attempts doesn’t only lead to individual tragedy, it also ends up becoming a very expensive cost for the country. Up to date, the obesity cost in the United States comes down to more than $148 billion in health care. A vast amount of money for the society, and an even bigger suffer for the person, who desperately is trying to lose weight, but isn’t able to.

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Our Exclusive Wellness Group on Facebook – Join & Be a Part of The Community!

Hi everyone! We have created an awesome exclusive wellness group on Facebook – a place for anyone who wants to get insightful tips on nutrition, health and wellness.

The purpose is to create a great community of people who loves to feel, move and eat better and want to help each other to become the best version of ourselves. By sharing wellness, health and fitness questions and experiences with each other, we can grow. You are not alone, take advantage of talking to like-minded people and getting your questions answered by our health coach Teresia. Follow the current updates and dive deeper into topics you want to know more about or find interesting.

Join our wellness group here for FREE, and be part of this awesome community!

Start asking The BeYou Health Coach Teresia any question, or discuss any topic on you mind!

Easy Tips to Reduce Added Sugar

There are many reasons to reduce added sugar in your diet. Added sugar makes up 16 percent of the total calories in the average American diet —that’s 320 calories for someone on a 2,000-calorie plan! Sugar creates an addictive cycle of hunger, fatigue and moodiness. It initially rises the blood sugar, causing us to feel energized and happy.

Unfortunately, since it’s lacking of real nutrition, blood sugar rapidly falls, which leaves us tired, hungry and moody. In this roller-coaster of mood swings, we reach for a quick and easy solution and what isn’t easier to reach for than a chocolate bar, a soda, cookies or donuts?  Continue reading

5 Tips To Eat Healthy During Busy Weeknights

Do you struggle to find the time and energy to cook after a busy weekday at work? 

Feeling exhausted and worn out after a day filled with meetings, changes in the schedule, unexpected calls and so on, makes a few of us want to spend hours in the kitchen, when we get back home.

You’re surely not alone!

Just follow these easy steps for a better nutrition and healthy eating! Make your week nights more enjoyable!

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It’s your chance to win a Nutribullet!

GIVEAWAY TIME! It’s your chance to win a Nutribullet & start prepare yourself for Summer! We want to celebrate our 10.000 followers on Facebook, by giving away a brand new NutriBullet along with Health Coach Teresia’s delicious smoothie e-book.

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The Real Benefits of Being Healthy

When I first discovered the real benefits of being healthy (which at that point had a totally different meaning than it has for me today) I believed that restricting myself, practicing self-control and working out five days a week and eating clean and drinking green smoothies was “it”.

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5 Tips to Stay Healthy When Eating Out

Summer is just around the corner and that’s exciting! However for a lot of people it suddenly is the realization that that bikini body needs to be obtained if we have let ourselves go over winter.

With these realizations comes an urgent need for an immediate weight loss tool.

As it turns out:

If you have made the decision to stay on the health track following a meal plan, then sometimes going to a restaurant can be a pretty big challenge.

But hey! Don’t worry!

This is the main reason why I’ve written this easy and simple guide, and help you always make the best choices while eating outside.

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5 Delicious & Healthy Snack Ideas!

Snacking is an effective way to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtimes.

As a health coach I always tell my clients to keep a healthy snack on hand all the time. To be prepared and one step ahead, makes you avoiding unhealthy choices as a cause of a low blood sugar.

Here are some snacks that are easy to bring along and will fill you up and keep your blood sugar stable as you go through the rest of the day.
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Learn How to Befriend your Stress

I used to see stress as my worst enemy, the cause and root to all my problems. I blamed stress for everything, it was the reason for bad sleep, poor digestion that I went in to a discussion with a colleague at work, that I made unhealthy food choices and that I forgot something I had planned to do.

But what is actually this so often used term; stress?

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