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Stubborn Belly Fat Won’t Budge? Try These Tips!

I’ve been asked this question as a personal trainer more than any other question out there, “How do I get rid of my belly fat?”. It can really be a stubborn area to shrink, but there are many tried and true methods to saying “goodbye” to belly fat forever.

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Learn the best way to squat

Squats are known as one of the best exercises. They work practically every muscle of your body, quads, hips, etc. But the truth is that squats are not easy, they are pretty hard no matter if you are a beginner or experienced squatter.

Look: there is no way to make a squat easier. Anyone saying the contrary is lying. They are hard, you will be out of breath and sweating after a few reps.

But hey! No problem! The best part is that this is good for you, and with time you will get use to it. You just need to learn how to make a propper squat, and in the following lines I will give some great tips for that.

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Healthy Post Workout Snack Ideas

Looking for healthy post workout snack ideas? One of the questions I get asked quite frequently is whats the best post workout snack. I always suggest that it all depends on your personal fitness goals, the type of workout you have completed, and the duration of the workout. It’s important to replenish with protein and healthy carbs will promote your post workout recovery.

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4 Ideas to Turn a Park Into a Gym

When the weather gets warmer and the daylight lasts longer the stuffy gym becomes more and more unappealing.

Springtime weather is also a sign that bikini season is right around the corner so skipping your gym session won’t get you any closer to reaching your health or fitness goals.

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The Most Effective Exercise Approach for Weight Loss

You have been trying to run, walking instead of taking the car and  are tired of trying different fitness classes at without the result you are looking for. These extra unwanted pounds are still there. Let the fitness coach tell you how to come to an end with this, for all.

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Sedentary Lifestyle – Are You at Risk?

Sedentary lifestyle? If you are not living on the Serengeti or in the Arctic you are most likely familiar with what this article talks about. You are probably taking the car to work in the morning then taking the elevator up to your office floor where you sit at your desk for most of the time.

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Before you even start…

Before you even start! Remember that the right start is half the battle. This article will help you to choose the right BeYou program as well as the right BeYou Coach to kick-start you towards a better, fitter and healthier you. 

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Don’t Skip Leg Day!

One of the most popular phrases amongst fitness professionals is “Don’t skip leg day”.

There are numerous images cruising the web about this phenomenon and some are hilarious. Just Google it and see for yourself.

Want to know the truth?

There are plenty more reasons not to skip leg day apart from having a body that is out of “proportion”.

Let´s name a few:

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The Comfort Zone

I am sure you have heard this expression a thousand times. It truly is the best way to express conformity and lack of aspirations.

My main objective in this post is to help you detect when you are entering the comfort zone and how to avoid it.

If you are one of those people that constantly seeks the comfort zone in your daily life, you are at risk of becoming discouraged because we will not achieve the results we desire.

Apart from that, comfort zones are not time-effective or efficient. Let´s see what strategies or tools exist to get you out of your comfort zone.

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How do I stay motivated?

Here are some tips to help you stay motivated in the gym. This list features some tips you can use to keep yourself going to the gym long after most people have quit.

Break Down Your Goals:

Set weekly or monthly goals (lose .5 kg a week, gain .2kg in lean muscle mass a month etc.) rather than envisioning what you want to accomplish a year or two years from now.

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