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10 Reasons to Jump out of Bed!

Reasons to Jump out of Bed? Why should you wake up so early, especially on winter days? Early in the morning, when the alarm clock rings, the best place to be is in bed. And when you are not sure about the purpose of waking up, time goes by and you are still inside, away from coldness. During a coaching session I recently had, I was trying to find some motivational tips to help my client to wake up in the morning.

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10 Mantras for your meditation

Mantras for Your Meditation. One of meditation’s ultimate goals is to empty your mind, so that you are ready to fill it with good experiences. By freeing yourself of thoughts –specially, the negative ones, you get ready for being conscious of the good things that life brings you.

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Is your to-do list full? Empty it!

Do you feel like your to-do list is huge? Are your obligations overwhelming? If so, there is a simple 3-step exercise to empty it, so that you can focus on just the things you’d love to do.

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