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Get outdoors to get achieve


Use this field guide to help you reconnect to the natural world.

For many people, an exercise routine means getting in a car, driving to the gym, slogging away on an elliptical machine and then retreating back to their homes or offices, where they sit down in front of the blue glow of a computer, TV or tablet. But there’s something missed when exercise takes place only in indoor gyms and fitness studios. Trading up some of your gym time for time on the trails, the river or the bike path can bring benefits beyond improved fitness.

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Find out how you can fall asleep faster with these tips from a sleep expert

Shot of a beautiful young woman sleeping in her bed

If you’ve struggled with falling asleep at night, don’t give up hope! Changing up your routine in the evenings can lead to easier, sounder sleep. If you’re having trouble drifting into dreamland, these tips may help.

To sail smoothly into the land of Nod, Katherine Albert M.D., Ph.D., author of Get a Good Night’s Sleep, suggests trying one—or all—of the following:

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Ways to Improve Quality of Life Today

Looking to improve your quality of life? As I said on a previous post, distinctions can help us looking at things from a different perspective. Sometimes we find ourselves stuck, and we feel like there is no solution. If this is your case,  you should continue reading and get our 5 easy tips. Because perhaps this list will help you find new perspectives.

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5 Tips to Help You Change your Mindset

Maybe its time to change your mindset. Have you ever felt like there is no way? You chase your dreams, but it seems that everything’s against them. If that is not your case, then you probably belong to the small-sized group of achievers. But, for many of us, the need for “something” that turns everything downside-up is a must.  Continue reading

10 Lessons to be Learnt from Running

Running is in fashion. Just look around, and you’ll realize streets are crowded by people passing by you in those shiny wet clothes, smiling and drinking something too sweet to be healthy.

I have to confess that I am a runner, and a proud one, and running has taught me some useful lessons, not just to have better runs, but also to have a better life.

So maybe you are a runner or maybe not, but in any case there are many useful lessons that can be learnt from this mass sport, in order to live a better life.

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4 Principles for Living a More Fulfilling Life

Have you ever heard about the Fantastic Four?
Those wonder guys who save the world from evil…
Wouldn’t it be great to have them by your side while trying to help those around you?

Well, the bad news is that I can’t bring the here for you. But I have gathered four principles which, maybe, can be helpful to keep in mind; they could be –almost- as helpful as the other Four:

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Do Labels really Help You?

When I go shopping, I look at product tags. I can read the price, the expiration date, what it is made of, where it was made. Labels don’t tell me whether I am going to like it or not, if the company has exploited its workers or not, or even anything about the existence of better products on the market. But it’s OK. I cannot spend all day long shopping!

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Accept it and move forward

Let’s move forward. I love soccer. Like handball or water polo, every team has a goalkeeper, a person in charge of avoiding the other team to score. Imagine a goalkeeper who complains because the other team’s forwards make strong and accurate shots. He would have an excuse to justify the goals: “They are too good for me; I can’t do anything”.

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Positive and Negative Feelings

Positive and Negative Feelings. Talking about positive emotions, like happiness or friendship, or negative, such as hatred, is to accept that both positivity or negativity exists.

It looks like “positive” emotions are good, so you must feel them, and “negative” emotions are bad, so you must not feel them. I don’t think there’s a list of banned feelings anywhere…

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Is it Because of Stress?

Is it because of stress? Science provides plenty of proofs about the close relationship between body and mind. Every physical symptom has an emotional impact and vice versa. That’s because body and mind are both part of the same energy system.

Under normal conditions, our head, chest and abdomen move according to our internal pulse rate, in perfect synchrony. But when stress comes, synchrony is lost: our hearth beats faster, in order to get ready for action, our mind is willing to say “No!” but, at the end, we end up saying “Yes”.

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